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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you keen on practicing a hobby that is close to your heart and wish to teach others?
  • Are you looking for some extra income while you toil away with your regular work?
  • Are you looking for a workshop to conduct to make yourself busy?
  • Are you looking to take online classes to students who are waiting for you?

  • Qodro is the one-stop destination for ALL of the above.

Searching for Students

Very Simple! Just Click here to enter your details. Qodro will provide you a list of relevant leads to choose from. You can then contact the students and fix up your schedule

You can see trainer/tutor details from the Search bar at the top as well as search engines like Google, Bing etc. But you would not be able to see their contact number unless you log in to Qodro.

Now, that depends on the type of account you have with Qodro. Click Here for all Account Details

Account Creation

Once you complete you registration process, you will be prompted to verify your mobile number and Email Id. A verification link would be sent to your registered Email Id. Clicking on the same would redirect you to our website and thus your Email Id gets verified.

Also, a verification code (OTP) would be sent to your registered mobile number. Entering the same would verify your mobile number and deem you as Qodro verified.

Don’t worry! We have a hassle-free payment gateway service to handle your Premium Account opening. Click Here for all Account details.

No problem. Just click on the Contact whose details you wish to see. You will be prompted either to go for a Premium Account (recommended) or just “unlock� the particular contact by topping up your Qodro points

Qodro points are as good as Cash value where 1 Qodro point = Rs.1

You may use your Qodro point for payments related to Activation of Payment Gateway, Opening Premium Accounts or unlocking a particular Contact that you wish to see.

Each Contact is worth 15 Qodro Points

Qodro points are credited to Account Balance for each new transaction in Qodro as per following headers:

a) Opening of New Account = 100

b) Referring a Friend for opening an Account = 100 (You get 100 & friend gets 100)*

c) 50% Cashback in form of Qodro points for each new transaction (before applying Promo Code or Discount): Opening of Platinum / Gold Account or Enabling Payment Gateway

d) Topping up Qodro Points by directly adding Amount to Qodro Account from the User's Dashboard

* Either New Account Opening Credit or Refer a Friend Credit will be valid for first time opening of Account from reference

Qodro points may be used to make payments for 80% of the transaction value. ex. For Activating Platinum Plan, you may pay Rs.399 by Qodro points & Rs.100 by Cash/Card/Deposit etc.

Qodro points are valid for a period of 90 days from the date of credit of points to the account

There is an online profile verification for all Free Events while there is standard background check for PAID events to avoid any fraud or scam. You would need to make a digital signature on the Event Agreement to furnish all details to the best of your knowledge as well as provide refund/cancellation as per the Terms and Conditions and the Event Agreement mentioned at the end of your Account Creation. We encourage you to be as transparent as possible and work in harmony for mutual benefit.

You would be able to type in the desired keywords in the Search Bar. All those users who have mentioned similar keywords as their interests or notifications that they would wish to recieve for Events would be visible on your platform

You will get enquiries at your email based on their availability and depending on the Account you choose . Click Here for all Account details.

Yes, you may make further modification to your profile after registration by going to your Dashboard. But for paid events, you would need to upload proof of Venue booking (if applicable and not online event), self address proof and valid details as mentioned in Terms and Conditions. Contact details if changed will need to be verified again by OTP.

Your account activation should take at max 12hrs. If it is still not done, please write a mail at

We do not conduct any background verification for trainers/tutors. We encourage them to be as transparent as possible on our website. They do have an additional option to showcase their authenticity by going for an additional profile verification and address proof, for a nominal fee. The ones opting for this get a Qodro badge to their profile and are deemed authentic. Please refer Disclaimer.You would need to go to the Background Verification tab in the top right side of your Dashboard and click on it which would connect you to further steps.

You will get enquiries at your email based on their availability and depending on the Account you choose . Click Here for all Account details.

Yes, you may make further modification to your profile after registration by going to your Dashboard. Contact details if changed will need to be verified again.

Sorry, we do not have any money-back option if you do not get any desired lead. We can however help you get more relevant enquiries through featured listing and other benefits.

If Qodro gets repeated negative reviews from users reporting the trainer as FAKE or FRAUD, Qodro reserves the right to suspend your profile, even if you are a paid subscriber, without any prior notice.

We welcome all institutes to flourish in their business and give the needful support to all their students. Please Click Here to know details for Advertising and Partnering with us

Qodro does NOT charge any commission on the monthly fee paid to you by your students. Once you and your lead gets contacted, Qodro will not be responsible for any issues thereafter

Payments for Activating Payment Gateway, Collecting Fees Online & Ticket Re-Cycling

You would be prompted to give in your Bank Account details in your dashboard and at the time of opting for Activate Payment Gateway. As soon as the fee is paid by your client you would be intimated by either mail or SMS and the money will get credited to your bank account within 7 working days. You may also opt to receive a cheque from us as you deem fit for receiving your payment.

No there are no hidden charge or extra amount to be paid for any payment credited by Qodro other than Service Charge & Payment Gateway Charge + Taxes (Details of which are mentioned in Terms & Conditions)

Why do you hesitate to ask? Please call on 7675941109. We’ll be very happy to answer it.

No problem. You may deposit the amount for the Desired Package or Activating Payment Gateway at the following bank A/C or make an online payment (NEFT/RTGS):

Caudro Technologies

OBC Bank,

Branch: Zee Plaza, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad- 500029

Account Number: 11111011002320

IFS Code: ORBC0101111

Type of Account: Current

Mail id:

And write us a mail at, intimating us on the details of your payment and activation of your A/C Mention Subject - Premium Account: Activation of Payment Gateway OR Activation of Account

Qodro has a very simple procedure to convert any Account to another at absolutely 0 charge. Goto your Dashboard and click on the three dots at the side of your profile picture top right hand corner. Click on Switch User to convert to the respective User Account